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This entire website and its content has been produced on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. I pay my respect to elders past, present and future. Sovereignty was never ceded. This is stolen land.

Read more about where I’ve been and who/where I come from here, if it interests you. I do get asked about it a lot, and it’s wonderfully complicated to explain!

regular writing gigs

I regularly contribute to Froth, previously matching two of my loves – beer and good reading, but now only doing a monthly review on a Victorian beer, and occasionally write reviews for other places (see below). If you think I can do anything word-related for you in the below related disciplines (my areas of expertise/training/experience), then don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’re interested in my creative work, then check out links to the following, where available.

(still being updated as of Tue 14 Aug 2018)


antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax‘ – ‘Après Sir Thomas Wyatt’ (poetry/short story hybrid; the short story is in the annotations)

APC – ‘a sketch for a modern loss poem’

A Sharp Knife x FOUND 2015 – ‘Red’

Bonfire Park (curated by Alexander Bennetts) @ BAR SK (short trip by alexander perrin)

Concrete Queers

  • reading Fred d’Aguiar’s ‘Underwater’ I in ‘Home’
  • stationary objects’ in ‘Milestones’
  • ‘Bra’ in ‘Horror’
  • Sentiment‘ in ‘Music’
  • ‘music to interrogate by’ in ‘Smut’

Cordite‘Stain, guilt’

Famous Reporter – ‘After Daphne Gottlieb’

F*EMS – ‘Homemaking (a found poem for Harry Saddler)’ & ‘Regalia’

From here: anthology of travel poems (Poets @ Watsonia; Melbourne Poets Union, 2012) – ‘Commuter’ & ‘Island’

Going Down Swinging – ‘Facebook’

Islet (now Island online) – ‘some small certainties

Poetrix – ‘Watermark’

Quippings: Risky Business (Dec 2017; an early version of ‘Coimetrophilia’)+ Not Normcore (Jan 2018; ‘Stain, guilt’). See also here.

Rabbit Poetry – ‘Coimetrophilia’ (LGBTIQA+ issue); read for the inaugural MSWPF (May 2018)

The Suburban Review – ‘Umami – a ramen haiku opera libretto’ in Vol. 7 Writers of Colour

Tenderness – ‘On lines (sonnet)’

Tincture Journal – ‘Plum’

Writ Poetry Review – ‘A guilt of internet shopping’ – a broken villanelle (this site URL is currently not active)

Writers’ Victoria ‘Women Writers of Colour’ commission on the theme ‘Collaboration’ (three poems on independent videogames exhibited at Bar SK, Collingwood – see screenshots of the poems here.


antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax‘ – ‘Après Sir Thomas Wyatt’ (poetry/short story hybrid; the short story is in the annotations)

Gram (food writing c. 2009-12; details TBA)

Melbourne Spoken Word – review of If The World Were Upside Down by John Englezos

Pencilled In – review of Ms. Marvel TPB vol. 1 & Jean Tong’s Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit

Peril‘Tangela: an unauthorised biography (a creative response to Tanya Thaweeskulchai’s A Salivating Monstrous Plant ; Bent Bollywood review

Plumwood Mountain  – review of Jen Crawford’s Koel; & review of Vanessa Berry’s Mirror Sydney

Ramona – issue #3 ‘unexpected unicorn love’ (for K)

Verity La – review of Eileen Chong’s Rainforest (upcoming, 2018)


performances & conferences/panels (others’ works and/or my own; in alphabetical order)

Bonfire Park @ BAR SK (Nov 2017)

Cherchez La Femme

Choir of the Impossible (Oct 2017)

Cymbeline (2000 (?!) – this one is just for funsies, I was a wee budding musicology major/early music minor + joint major in literature/cultural studies & French! it was lots of fun)

East Coburg Community House 2016-8 (as writer-in-residence and occasional workshop host)

F*EMS (Dec 2017)

FOUND 2015

Freeplay 2018

Girls on Key (2015) (with Anne M Carson & Bigoa Chuol)

Hawthorn Library poetry feature (Jan, Jul & Oct 2018)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018 Not Normal

Poetry Says (podcast episode on Ted Hughes, and Fred D’Aguiar’s ‘Calypso History Lesson’)

Queensland Poetry Festival 2018 – Body Opera & KIN

Quippings Troupe (Dec 2017 + Jan 2018)

Rebel Stories from Rebel Women 2 (Apr 2018)

Shore by Emily Johnson / Catalyst 2017 (vocalist; May 2017)

Sporting Poets Nov 2017 (with Elizabeth Allen, and Anne M Carson)

Trilogy by Nic Green (June 2016) – you can read more here (please note that it does discuss disordered eating)

Wham-Bam 2014 (curated by Lisa Dib)

ass’d bits-n’bobs

Readers/writers of colour and their libraries

my second long-term cat is kind of a big deal

do you like writing to music?

Creatrix Tiara puts the ‘DD’ in premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and interviewed others about their experiences

Masterpieces of the Mind interview (scheduled for 2018)