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The serious adult part.

My name is Gemma Mahadeo, I’m a Melbourne-based writer (poet, reviewer) and occasional performer (musician). I identify as a queer female, and a person of colour. Yes, I will go on about this, because it’s important.

My mother is from the Philippines (Spanish-Filipino heritage), my father is from Guyana (Indian heritage) and he identifies as West Indian/Caribbean. I identify as Anglo-Indian and (Eur-)Asian, having spent my childhood in south-east London (south of the Thames), and the village my mother is from in Cardona, Rizal. I’ve spent most of my life in Melbourne (north of the Yarra, thank you).

I’m multilingual. My languages are, in order of fluency: (British) English, French, and Tagalog.

I regularly contribute to Froth, matching two of my loves – beer and good reading, and I also occasionally write reviews for Pencilled In. If you think I can do anything word-related for you in the below related disciplines (my areas of expertise/training/experience), then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re interested in the written and occasional performance work I do, then check out links to the following, where available.

(still being updated as of Fri 12 Jan 2018)

My work (largely poetry, occasionally non-fiction) has appeared in:

antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax


A Sharp Knife x FOUND ‘Red’

Bonfire Park @ BAR SK (short trip by alexander perrin)

Concrete Queers

Cordite – ‘Stain, guilt’

Famous Reporter – ‘After Daphne Gottlieb’


Going Down Swinging – ‘Facebook’


Islet (now Island online)


Plumwood Mountain (upcoming)


Quippings: Risky Business + Not Normcore (upcoming)

Ramona ‘unexpected unicorn love’ (for K)

The Suburban Review – ‘Umami – a ramen haiku opera libretto’


Tincture Journal – ‘Plum’

Writ Poetry Review


I’ve performed (others’ works and/or my own) at:

Bonfire Park @ BAR SK

Cherchez La Femme

Choir of the Impossible (Oct 2017)

Cymbeline (2000 (?!) – this one is just for funsies, I was a wee budding musicology major/early music minor + joint major in literature/cultural studies & French! it was lots of fun)

East Coburg Community House 2016-8 – stay tuned!

F*EMS Dec 2017

FOUND 2015

Girls on Key 2015 (with Anne M Carson)

Wham-Bam 2014

Poetry Says (on Ted Hughes, and Fred D’Aguiar’s ‘Calypso History Lesson’)

Shore by Emily Johnson / Catalyst 2017 (vocalist)

Sporting Poets Nov 2017 (with Elizabeth Allen, and Anne M Carson)

Quippings Troupe (Dec 2017 + Jan 2018)