in medias res

in classical Latin, it means ‘in the middle of things‘ – I use this section to not freak out about how many things I’ve got in the works, and also as a memory aid for insurance against future episodes of chronic illness.

You can read it too if you’re interested in the writerly/occasional musicking things I do/am going to do.

Why do I make these so link-laden? I’m proud, grateful and chuffed to be associated with them, doing work I love, so if you’re curious, look ’em too. I don’t work in a vacuum, and these folks inspire me.


general stuff (updated Sun 31 Mar 2019)

  • hoping to read, write and edit lots before work-proper resumes – this didn’t work but this was due to other awesome projects I can’t yet talk about
  • editing my non-fiction poetry manuscript based on experiences in hospital (started beginning of 2018) which is looking like it’ll be full-lengthish though started off as chapbook-length – this is probably on hold due to health issues ūüôĀ the irony, huh?
  • Liminal mag interview is coming, promise. Oh my gosh THE PHOTOS.
  • a monthly beer-and-book match-up for the blog (which I’ll try to get funded via my Patreon¬†
  • will continue to review zines and drinks on a fortnightly basis (due to a semi-regular job) – turns out trying to do that weekly last year was very ambitious!
  • finishing the homoerotic videogame ekphrastic trio of poems I started in 2018 (it totally is as much fun as it sounds!)
  • flipping through contrib copies of APJ 8.2 ‘Spoken’, Archer’s #11 ‘Gaze’ & Rabbit’s ‘Belonging’ issue now that I’ve had time to sit down and squee properly



  • back in the Co-burg, heck yeah! co-hosting WMN‘s first feminist bookclub pick – please come! We’re doing Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Foreign Soil. She’s amazing!
  • the plan is to be a book reviewing demon of the highest and best order this month
  • Melbourne Spoken Word is doing a ‘Creative Accounting’ gig and asked a few of us to nominate our poetic heroes, so please come along and support the poets who are kindly donating their time to us for your aural, word-nerd pleasure – FB event details here
  • doing a poetry reading gig at the Victorian College of the Arts in Southbank as part of O-Week!


  • surviving my (40th) birthday. I’m not even joking about this. It was hard to make it this far. If diazepam could talk, it’d have some amazing flash creative non-fiction to tell you
  • starting treatment for a bunch of comorbid health issues and generally being pretty unwell but starting to sleep kind of like a regular person…? (mild anaemia but atheist deities help me, if you suggest that my thyroid function needs to be checked – IT’S NORMAL! don’t tell me I should do yoga, and won’t die during a panic attack (I KNOW THIS) or you will no longer be the beneficiary of any future kindness or patience from me. And oh btw, seasonal liver functions test tell me it’s also fine!)
  • started playing piano and viola da gamba regularly again (viol, in English; if you don’t want to get it confused with the viola which is a common very-much-in-orchestral-usage instrument, just call the ‘viol’ a ‘gamba’ instead. I know, you’re saying ‘leg’ in Italian but it’s better than ‘naan bread’ or ‘chai/matcha tea’. Non-multilinguists seem genuinely (cutely!) confused by the pronunciation of ‘viol’!
  • got to edit the e-mag/zine for my work! Choosing ONLY 3 works was agonising – there were so many good contributions from such talented, creative kiddos?! whoop whoop! –
  • 1. there is finally a difference between what goes live on zine/drink blog posts, and what goes up on Patreon. I put my scrawly, non-cicerone*-trained impressions and tasting notes up on my Patreon-backed posts; blog posts go without (*cicerone = beer sommelier)
  • i. because these annoying WordPress ‘blocks won’t let me do font formatting or URL embedding, here’s the blog post URL:
  • ii. here’s the Patreon URL of same post with tasting notes/bonus content!


  • F*EMS zine accepted a poem of mine called ‘Boomer generation’ which started off life at last year’s Queensland Poetry Festival, and got read at the ‘KIN’ event (can’t wait to send a screenshot to my KIN co-readers) – the issue is loosely based on the theme of ‘care’ and is about my cat!
  • Rabbit Poetry Journal upcoming ‘Tense’ issue accepted a poem of mine called ‘muscle memory’, guest edited by Pascalle Burton & David Stavanger, and I’m STOKED. Rabbit is a journal I’ve submitted to for years and had two poems appear in, so please, poets, keep submitting, edit hard and often, and don’t take rejections personally! Keep trying.
  • I’ll also be blogging for my day job, starting from primary & secondary school Term 2 (Victoria)
  • got some decent anti-nausea medication, thank god for health professionals that listen
  • transported my tinnie collection from my parents’ place so it looks like I have a problem if you peer into the fridge but it means more zine-drink reviews, whoop whoop!
  • I resigned from the Women’s Melbourne Network committee due to health and work commitments