in medias res

in classical Latin, it means ‘in the middle of things‘ – I use this section to not freak out about how many things I’ve got in the works, and also as a memory aid for insurance against future episodes of chronic illness.

You can read it too if you’re interested in the writerly/occasional musicking things I do/am going to do.

Why do I make these so link-laden? I’m proud, grateful and chuffed to be associated with them, doing work I love, so if you’re curious, look ’em too. I don’t work in a vacuum, and these folks inspire me.


general stuff (updated Fri 12 June, 2020)

  • I’ve no idea what I’m doing from here onwards, given I thought I wouldn’t be…’existing’ anymore
  • I lost my job and miss the kids I worked with immensely (to be clear: I didn’t leave and am not sure exactly what the reasons were for my employment termination but not going to fight to stick around where I’m not wanted…which is already 95% of my existence; for a brief second I wished I were a straight cishet male of coloniser complexion with no invisible illnesses. Also: please sack people in person. You’re not being gentle by doing it via e-mail)
  • at the top of my tenor viol game and kind of have to be for April; swan necking like I’ve never swan necked before! and no longer have feeling on the side of my left index finger
  • being depressed-depressed and non-mood disorder depressed about white people and how exclusionary Western high art early modern music is: why is it okay for white people to suck on the viol but intolerable for me to? And to still not be welcome once you start to suck a lot less? (don’t fall in love with niche interests)
  • fuck Brexit, fuck Boris Johnson being able to recite ancient Greek texts by heart for nearly five minutes, fuck the Australian Government for having a PM who goes on holiday while the country BURNS, fuck rape apologists becoming OAMs, fuck queer and/or disabled discourse still being so whitecentric


  • stuff to tell you about Hecate journal and poems not borne out of psychological pain
  • a Midsumma night’s dream…performance
  • the public health system still having no idea about PMDD which it turns out I’ve most likely had ever since I started menstruating in grade 6 *audible exhalation* — seriously, how is it fair to start that young?!
  • where the hell did the month go when not staying indoors thanks to bushfire smoke, red mud rain, getting drenched in non-mud rain and living my best Wildean or Rimbaudian life


  • learning that cis bi males are just as shitty as cishet ones (yeah, they’ve been ‘colonial in complexion’ – god am I going to overuse that phrase now that I’ve learnt it); I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand hierarchical polyamorists. Not sure I want to, either…
  • another Midsumma night’s dream…performance, and thinking of how lucky I was to know Judith Rodriguez
  • rehearsing with a theatre troupe and trying to be a minstrel
  • contemplating life without one of one’s non-subsidised medications due to what I consider unfair termination of my contract thus leading to unemployment


  • having the worst birthday month ever but at least it was consistently bad for lots of people thanks to COVID-19
  • our Disabled QBIPOC Collective completed our first consultancy gig – auditing an arts space for its accessibility (including for invisible illnesses too)
  • having lost a lot of potential work and living in a worldwide pandemic which seemingly came about overnight


  • following my state’s social isolation restrictions seriously, and ending up having to have a COVID-19 test thanks to an outbreak at my default psych facility (stay safe, folks. Wear a mask if you’ve got one, it’s not just about you getting infected but also being a carrier who passes it on)
  • starting therapy for PTSD to try and manage its inconvenient bodily manifestations
  • oh dear god, how did I forget to tell everyone that Ian MacLarty and I collaborated on a videogame?! It’s called ‘If We Were Allowed To Visit‘ – it only runs in browsers but please don’t let that deter you from checking it out!


  • a few commissions which will soon come to light (embargoes, soz!)
  • working on my backlog of reviews from last year, and a new one on Thuy On’s poetry collection Turbulence for Rabbit Poetry Journal
  • mental-healthwise it’s still been a rough month and ironically am seeing some let up due to an ear canal infection?! Motivation to leave the house has been difficult but booking a flu shot helped!
  • PMDD stuff also seems to have been successfully treated thanks to a wonderful GP; the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne were oddly unhelpful (they were quite unsympathetic to issues like body dysphoria brought on by heavy menstruation, for example)
  • reading and editing some fresh Concrete Queer submissions! It’s no secret that I’m a nerd, but I really enjoy editing poetry and combing through poems to get them to their personal best. It feels more healing to be invested in others’ work rather than my own at present…not sure why
  • our Disabled QBIPOC Collective has some good things brewing which will soon come to light! We were always real, but it’s nice that folks outside of us are taking us seriously too

June (still updating with full details!)

  • If We Were Allowed to Visit has been nominated by Freeplay 2020 in two categories! It’s in Experimental Games, and Micro Games
  • Digital Sala reading on Thu 18/6 online; see who is involved in the festival here
  • a collaborative writing piece from our Disabled QBIPOC Collective (more shortly when it’s live)
  • The Distillery interview
  • a grant for our Disabled QBIPOC Collective – again, more info in a bit! We now have a Twitter account too