in medias res

There seems to be enough to dedicate a space to this *silent squee*?!

Not sure how that happened, but am mega-enjoying it, while I send my bestie the goofiest selfies ever, and get good cheer cuddles from the best rescue cat in the world that chose to adopt me.

I’ve been loving that folks do contact me via FB, IM or through previous contact to do cool things, and if you’re not one of those folks, feel free to click and be taken to my online contact form here. You can also get in touch on tha FBz, if that’s your jam too.

general 2018 works-in-progress / awesome commitments

  • becoming reviews editor for the Melbourne Spoken Word website
  • becoming a committee member for Women’s Melbourne Network
  • Vic beer reviewing for Froth
  • Queer Lady Magician (show producer)
  • a series of memoir-style essays on retracing my life after voluntary electroconvulsive therapy for The Lifted Brow (online)
  • a series of lit nerd classes for Laneway Learning
  • a collection of fifteen poems inspired by Elizabeth Allen’s ‘Inpatient (impatient)’ sequence from her collection Present
  • a chapbook manuscript of previously published poems (got a few places I’d like to submit them to)
  • a zine collecting the poetry I’ve written for/by/with/spurred on by videogames – even have a working title for it!
  • committed (voluntarily) to writing a review each season, and getting it published. Summer’s one is here.
  • writing a weekly blog post where I read a zine, maybe listen to something while reading, and drink something glorious, of either alcoholic or non-alcoholic nature. So far it’s been all about the tea? Check out the archive here.

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

  • more stuff, and oh my goodness, by this time, it will have been a year since my last private psych ward hospital stay – it’s kind of a big personal deal 😀