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updated Thu 27 Oct 2022

3CR International Day of People with a Disability (3 Dec 2018) – fair warning: I don’t get much of a word in, and I also hummed Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ off-key really badly. If you want to see the text of the poem I performed, it’s viewable here. The instrument I played is the melodica.

3RRRByte Into It’ interview with Maize Wallin, Row & Dan M about poetry, videogames and Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2021

Midsumma AND/OR keynote ‘Access All Areas‘ panellist (Feb 2022)

Archer Magazine 16 ‘Disabilities’ editing and sensitivity reading – see details for the issue launch (Dec 2021)

Arts Access AustraliaWriting Place mentor to an emerging writer who identifies as disabled (late 2022)

Booklovers’ Festival 2018 @ Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries – introductory workshop to poetry at Whittlesea Library

Booklovers’ Festival 2021 @ Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries – reading with Jo Weston (Nottingham, UK) & Danny Silva Soberano

Bonfire Park @ BAR SK (Nov 2017)

Creatives of Colour x Arts Access Victoria – co-designer in a justice-centred design project (early 2022)

Cherchez La Femme (2015/6?)

Choir of the Impossible (Oct 2017)

Chronically Chilled 3CR guest for Mental Health Awareness Week chat with Marijo Pozega (Oct 2018)

Cymbeline (2000 (?!) – this one is just for funsies, I was a wee budding musicology major/early music minor + joint major in literature/cultural studies & French! it was lots of fun)

Dark Mass (June 2019) @ 3 Ravens Brewery

Digital Writers’ Festival 2018 – ‘Chronic Illness, Disability and Digital Life‘ with Katerina Bryant & Robin Eames & CB Mako. Robin has provided a transcription on our conversation here. It’s on Soundcloud to listen to. [someone special told me that someone at Google listened to this talk and were really impressed by me which is just oh em gee!!!]

Diversity Arts Australia – speaker at the launch of the ‘Shifting the Balance’ report & radio interview with Lena Nahlous on The Wire (Aug 2019) ‘Arts Not As Diverse As You Think‘ with Oliver Brown (NB. I’m really sorry I used ‘CALD’ and didn’t refer to First Nations folks as that in the sound byte – I was pretty under the pump personally and professionally when this interview was done)

East Coburg Community House 2016-8 (2016 writer-in-residence; 2017-8 occasional workshop host)

Emerging Writers’ Festival, Naarm (Melbourne, Australia)

F*EMS (Dec 2017) – now called G*EMS

FOUND 2015

Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Future Echoes (Oct 2019) – keynote speech ‘provocation’ for ‘A World of Welcome / Beyond Access’ with CB Mako, Hannah Morphy-Walsh & Pauline Vetuna

Girls on Key (2015) (with Anne M Carson & Bigoa Chuol)

Hawthorn Library poetry feature (Jan, Jul & Oct 2018)

International Day of Disability at 3CR (2018, 2019, 2020)

  • Not Normal‘ (3 Dec 2018) regarding event of same name for Melbourne Fringe [fair warning: I don’t get much of a word in, and I also hummed Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ off-key really badly. If you want to see the text of the poem I performed, it’s viewable here. The instrument I played is the melodica)
  • Mental Health and Relationships‘ with Pauline Vetuna and Ana Maria Gomides (3 Dec 2019), complete with transcript
  • Writing In a Pandemic‘ with Pauline Vetuna and Ana Maria Gomides (3 Dec 2020), transcript to follow

Ladies We Need To Talk (June 2019) – Footloose and childfree; associated ABC Life article (which provides a very diluted reason for my being childfree – if you want to properly interview me about this, get in touch!)

LIKELIKE (2020) – exhibition moved online due to the pandemic, based in Pittsburgh, USA; invitation to include ‘If Were Allowed To Visit‘ by myself and Ian MacLarty

Liminal Mag interview (May 2019)

Love and Luck podcast cameo for episode 64 (written by Erin Kyan – transcript available here)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018 Not Normal (cf. p46)

Melbourne Spoken Word ‘Fresh Voices’ feature (Oct 2018)

Melbourne Spoken Word ‘Creative Accounting‘ fundraiser (Feb 2019)

Midsumma Festival

Next Wave – local council-based organisation and their ‘Making it in Moreland‘ series, panellist on ‘Insights into Practice: Embedding Accessibility

PLAY20 – a Hamburg-based independent videogame festival, conference, and exhibition which graciously exhibited If We Were Allowed To Visit (Nov 2020)

Playing Poetry – videogame made with co-collaborator Ian MacLarty ‘If We Were Allowed To Visit‘ is being exhibited in the National Poetry Library for the ‘Poetry Games‘ exhibition in London, UK (Oct 2022) – I’m really sorry the game only runs in desktop browsers!

Poetry Says (podcast episode on Ted Hughes, and Fred D’Aguiar’s ‘Calypso History Lesson’)

Queensland Poetry Festival 2018Body Opera & KIN (got a brief mention here online on Overland re. KIN too, which Evelyn Araluen now co-edits)

Queer Legacies, New Solidarities 2018

Queering the Air 3CR interview (June 2018)

Quippings Troupe (Dec 2017 + Jan 2018)

Rebel Stories from Rebel Women 2 (Apr 2018)

Richell Prize 2022 manuscript reader

Serenade Games

Shore by Emily Johnson / Catalyst 2017 (vocalist; May 2017)

Sporting Poets Nov 2017 (with Elizabeth Allen, and Anne M Carson)

Theatre Network Australia ‘Power Play’ (Nov 2020) – co-facilitator to theatre makers on the practice of journalling

The Big Anxiety Festival

The Digital SalaBlack Lives Matter Filipinx Solidarity Reading (Jun 2020)

The Distilleryinterview (curated by Lee Shang-Lun)

Trilogy by Nic Green (June 2016) – you can read more here (please note that it does discuss disordered eating)

Wham-Bam 2014 (curated by Lisa Dib)

Women’s Melbourne Network committee member Jan 2018 to Mar 2019 (Communications working group; being a social media and resources assassin)

Writers Victoria, Naarm (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Season 2 course programme – Experimental Food Writing workshop tutor
  • Writers Victoria & Brotherhood of St. Laurence ‘Creative Control’ panel on poetry and disability (Dec 2020) – recording was supposed to be forthcoming but not sure what’s happened
  • Writeability Fellowship programme participant (this is different to being an announced fellow!) (2021)
  • Writeability Goes Local Darebin (mid 2022-23) – writing mentor

University of Melbourne Student Union disabilities committee – performer at a live event reading work about chronic, invisible illnesses, and hospitalisation at the Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank campus (Feb 2019)

VISIBILITY exhibition launch (Nov 2019) reading ‘driving / being driven’ (in Victorian Writer mag for Writers Victoria issue Dec 2019-Jan 2020)