updated Thu 27 Oct 2022

3 Ravens Brewery – Dark Mass beer ekphrastic poetry

Admissions: Voices within Mental Health eds. Mohammad Awad, Radhiah Chowdhury & David Stavanger – ‘Impatient (quite patient) XII’

antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax‘ – ‘Après Sir Thomas Wyatt’ (poetry/short story hybrid; the short story is in the annotations)

APC – ‘a sketch for a modern loss poem’

Australian Poetry Journal – 8.2 ‘Spoken’ – ‘Excitonium’

A Sharp Knife x FOUND 2015 – ‘Red’

Bonfire Park (curated by Alexander Bennetts) @ BAR SK (short trip by alexander perrin)

Concrete Queers (full disclosure: I’m now their poetry editor, but all of these were published before that was the case)

Cordite – ‘Stain, guilt‘, ‘The ECT Tree‘ (with Anna Jacobson)

Djed PressThe Moment – Q&A / interview & parts I & II of ‘Clarity: a psychogeographic snapshot suite’

EWF x Inhabit Journal (2019) – ‘but somehow the vital connection is made’ after Michael Sun’s ‘i just don’t think it’s good for either of us if we don’t give it proper time’

Famous Reporter – ‘After Daphne Gottlieb’

Gemszine (formerly F*EMS zine)

From here: anthology of travel poems (Poets @ Watsonia; Melbourne Poets Union, 2012) – ‘Commuter’ & ‘Island’

Froth (Dec 2016-Jan 2017) – ‘Time’, which started off life at 2011 Good Beer Week

Gemszine (formerly F*EMS zine)

Going Down Swinging – ‘Facebook’

HecateQueer Legacies, New Solidarities‘ 44.1 – ‘how to impersonate Christian Bale in Batman: suggestions’ (NB. the second link opens to a PDF file of the entire issue)

Ibis House @ Subbed In – ‘the MFA circlejerk cycle

If We Were Allowed To Visit‘ (PC; desktop) in collaboration with Ian MacLarty (it’s poems…but yes, it’s a videogame)

Islet (now Island online) – ‘some small certainties

Liminal MagazineTaste e-chapbook: what is taste

n-SCRIBE #13 2018 – ‘Diagnosis four minutes, something-something seconds’ (p34)

Poetrix – ‘Watermark’

Quippings: Risky Business (Dec 2017; an early version of ‘Coimetrophilia’)+ Not Normcore (Jan 2018; ‘Stain, guilt’). See also here.

Rabbit Poetry –

  • ‘Coimetrophilia’ (LGBTIQA+ issue); read for the inaugural MSWPF (May 2018);
  • ‘muscle memory’ (Tense issue); also read for MSWPF (July 2019)

Red Room Poetry – lines in ‘Panacea’ (an openly collaborative poem that anyone can submit a line to!)

Serenade Games x Freeplay (Sydney, Australia & online) 2021 – inclusion of ‘If We Were Allowed To Visit

The Suburban Review – ‘Umami – a ramen haiku opera libretto’ in Vol. 7 Writers of Colour

Syntax & Salt – (guest co-editor) ‘future myths’ (2018) & staff issue (Jan 2019)

Tenderness – ‘On lines (sonnet)’

Tincture Journal – ‘Plum‘ (cheers, Coffee and Irony!)

Visible Ink 30 ‘Trace’ (2018) – ‘Clarity III – ‘Provincial Hotel (Fitzroy) chandelier, 2014’ (parts I & II can be read here)

Writ Poetry Review – ‘A guilt of internet shopping’ – a broken villanelle (this site URL is currently not active)

Writers’ Victoria

  • ‘Women Writers of Colour’ commission in The Victorian Writer Apr-May 2018 issue on the theme ‘Collaboration’ (three poems on independent videogames exhibited at Bar SK, Collingwood – see screenshots of the poems here.
  • poem ‘driving / being driven’ for the ‘Bold and Brilliant’ Dec 2019-Jan 2020 issue.