regular gigs

I work at a fantastic studio called Creative Write-It and pass on all the word secrets to children who are happy to receive them, muahaha (that’s a good-evil laugh, by the way)! I got to edit my first issue of the e-zine on the theme of ‘Belonging’ (Mar 2019). Phwoar, the kids are talented these days…!

I read submissions for Syntax and Salt and guest co-edited their Future Myths (Dec 2018) poetry issue.

I’m also reviews editor for Melbourne Spoken Word, and poetry editor for Concrete Queers zine (Aug 2019 onwards).

I regularly contributed to Froth (2015-8) mainly matching two of my loves – beer and good reading,  then reviewing a chosen Victorian beer monthly.

I occasionally write reviews, and am hoping to do more throughout 2019, particularly for Plumwood Mountain.