performances, conferences & panels

others’ works and/or my own (in alphabetical order)

last updated Tue 3 Sep 2019

Booklovers’ Festival 2018 @ Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries

Bonfire Park @ BAR SK (Nov 2017)

Cherchez La Femme (2015 or 2016?)

Choir of the Impossible (Oct 2017)

Cymbeline (2000 (?!) – this one is just for funsies, I was a wee budding musicology major/early music minor + joint major in literature/cultural studies & French! it was lots of fun)

Dark Mass (June 2019) @ 3 Ravens Brewery

Digital Writers’ Festival 2018 – ‘Chronic Illness, Disability and Digital Life’ with Katerina Bryant & Robin Eames & CB Mako. Robin has provided a transcription on our conversation here. [someone special told me that someone at Google listened to this talk and were really impressed by me which is just oh em gee!!!]

Diversity Arts Australia – speaker at the launch of the ‘Shifting the Balance’ report & radio interview with Lena Nahlous on The Wire

East Coburg Community House 2016-8 (2016 writer-in-residence; 2017-8 occasional workshop host)

Emerging Writers’ Festival 2018some promo with my co-panellists and producer

F*EMS (Dec 2017)

FOUND 2015

Freeplay Independent Games Festival

Girls on Key (2015) (with Anne M Carson & Bigoa Chuol)

Hawthorn Library poetry feature (Jan, Jul & Oct 2018)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018 Not Normal (p46)

Melbourne Spoken Word ‘Fresh Voices’ feature (Oct 2018)

Poetry Says (podcast episode on Ted Hughes, and Fred D’Aguiar’s ‘Calypso History Lesson’)

Queensland Poetry Festival 2018Body Opera & KIN

Queer Legacies, New Solidarities 2018

Quippings Troupe (Dec 2017 + Jan 2018)

Rebel Stories from Rebel Women 2 (Apr 2018)

Shore by Emily Johnson / Catalyst 2017 (vocalist; May 2017)

Sporting Poets Nov 2017 (with Elizabeth Allen, and Anne M Carson)

Trilogy by Nic Green (June 2016) – you can read more here (please note that it does discuss disordered eating)

Wham-Bam 2014 (curated by Lisa Dib)

Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank campus (Feb 2019) – read work from my poetry manuscript in progress about chronic, invisible illnesses, and hospitalisation