last updated Thu 25 Feb 2021

antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax‘ – ‘Apr├Ęs Sir Thomas Wyatt’ (poetry/short story hybrid; the short story is in the annotations)

Archerissue #11 ‘Gaze’ – dating and invisible illnesses (Dec 2018)

The Big Issue

Djed PressThe Moment (with some of a poetry suite about living in England, and Australia) – with much love to Leah Jing McIntosh for the glorious photos (Jan 2019)

The Bucket List: Beer by Justin Kennedy; wrote Australia & New Zealand chapter (2019)

Free Association: The Two-Headed Bird – ‘The lifecycle of a perceived nonentity

FCAC Writes – (as part of the Disabled QBIPOC Collective) Pandemic: Side Effects May Include Dissonance

Gram issue 5Good Beer Week Kiwi SpecTAPular 2011 (beer event) review

Invisible Illness – an interactive narrative/videogame commissioned by the City of Darebin

Liminal MagazineTaste e-chapbook: what is taste (prose poem)

Melbourne Spoken Word – review of If The World Were Upside Down by John Englezos

Pencilled In 


Plumwood Mountain

Ramona – issue #3 ‘unexpected unicorn love’ (for K)

Rabbit Poetry

  • Belonging‘ – review of Vagabond deciBels 3 series
  • (upcoming) review of Turbulence by Thuy On (2021)

Riol Grrrl Reviews #2a music & beer review-rant (actually pretty hard-to-find!)

Story Seed Vault – 76