last updated Mar 2016

…the NWA of the Melbourne food blogging scene…

– formerly @cookinwithgoths**, now @matbeyer (but now some other username again)

**warning: the above may or may not be heavily paraphrased.

The ‘NWA’ thing doesn’t really hold much kudos (sadly) as EDS is now more of a ‘lone wolf’ type of gig.

My name is Gemma (‘Gem’ for short because people tend to confused it with ‘Genna’ and I’ve got the same initials as my brother). This blog initially started during a bout of writers’ block and sickness, then got neglected due to other bouts of sickness. Since its extended holiday, I’ve had some work published in my preferred form (poetry), have become a volunteer mentor to a wonderful, enthusiastic beginning writer, and magically remembered I can cook for survival. Hopefully, I’ll provide evidence of this on the blog but will most likely focus on blathering on about food/alcohol-related media.

Anything from July 2014 reviewed and/or mentioned is out of my own pocket/funds. When possible I do support colleagues’ establishments even when cheaper alternatives exist. This might result in unintended conflict of interest so I’ll disclose as much details as is needed to avoid this.

Pre-2014, the blog’s photographs were sourced from Flickr and (generously) remain publicly viewable. If you’d like to use them, please seek out relevant contact details in the Twitter EDS alum list – a list of former and/or once-off EDS content providers. Without them, the blog wouldn’t have kept going so check out their profiles and support them in their professional endeavours, where possible.

Guys, why so srs? This is just for fun. As a former borderline-ano/perpetual animal-lover, the whole eating for enjoyment thing is relatively new for me and actually came about from one of many side effects of a medication that made me want to eat everything in sight, soooo, bearing that in mind, I won’t remotely be documenting anything here with any sort of authority.  I’ve put up some links to the e-folk (though they exist IRL too) whose opinions and knowledge are definitely worth paying attention to in my blogroll (full disclosure: please be aware that I’m a semi-regular contributor to Froth mag).

C’est tout! For now. Happy cheese dreams!