(last updated Jul 2014)

…the NWA of the Melbourne food blogging scene…

- formerly @cookinwithgoths**, now @matbeyer

**warning: the above may or may not be heavily paraphrased.

The ‘NWA’ thing doesn’t really hold much kudos (sadly) as EDS is now more of a ‘lone wolf’ type of gig.

My name is Gemma (‘Gem’ for short because people tend to confused it with ‘Genna’ and I’ve got the same initials as my brother). This blog started during a bout of writers’ block and sickness a few years ago and never meant to be neglected for so long.

Since its extended holiday, I’ve had work published in my preferred form (poetry), have become a volunteer mentor to a wonderful, enthusiastic beginning writer and somehow magically remembered I could cook (for survival). Hopefully, I’ll provide evidence of this on the blog but will most likely focus on blathering on about food/alcohol-related media – once I have a working e-mail address.

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch, Twitter is probably the best way, via reply/mention or a direct message.

Anything from July 2014 reviewed and/or mentioned is out of my own pocket/funds. When possible I do support colleagues’ establishments even if there are cheaper alternatives. Never claimed to be intelligent on that front! Should it happen that there’s conflict of interest etc. I’ll disclose as much details as is needed.

Pre-2014, the blog’s photographs were sourced from Flickr and (generously) remain publicly viewable. If you’d like to use them, please seek out relevant contact details in the Twitter EDS alum list – a list of former or once-off EDS content providers. Without them, the blog wouldn’t have kept going so check out their profiles and support them in their professional endeavours, where possible.

C’est tout! For now.