in medias res

in classical Latin, it means ‘in the middle of things‘ – I use this section to not freak out about how many things I’ve got in the works, and also as a memory aid for insurance against future episodes of chronic illness.

You can read it too if you’re interested in the writerly/occasional musicking things I do.

(updated Fri 14 Dec 2018)


general stuff

  • hoping to read, write and edit lots before work-proper resumes
  • can’t say yet but something I’m very excited about!
  • editing my non-fiction poetry chapbook based on experiences in hospital (started beginning of 2018)
  • Liminal mag interview is coming, promise
  • a monthly beer-and-book match-up for the blog (which I’ll try to get funded via my Patreon 
  • will continue to review zines and drinks on a fortnightly basis (due to a semi-regular job) – turns out trying to do that weekly last year was very ambitious!
  • finishing the homoerotic videogame ekphrastic trio of poems I started in 2018  
  • you’ll probably see me around at the Midsumma Consent Festival 2019
  • co-hosting more WMN bookclub meetings


  • to be continued…