in medias res

in classical Latin, it means ‘in the middle of things‘ – I use this section to not freak out about how many things I’ve got in the works, and also as a memory aid for insurance against future episodes of chronic illness.

You can read it too if you’re interested in the writerly/occasional musicking things I do/am going to do.

Why do I make these so link-laden? I’m proud, grateful and chuffed to be associated with them, doing work I love, so if you’re curious, look ’em too. I don’t work in a vacuum, and these folks inspire me.

general stuff (updated Thu 22 Apr 2021)

  • wow, January was hectic! Made my first videogame, finally starting to get back the energy to do housework to the levels I prefer, and have lined up a new place to live, which means I’ll be a Morelander again
  • stressed and tired, which means IBS, insomnia, and bad dreams
  • finding out through Facebook after deactivating over holiday period for mental health reasons that an old friend passed away after persistent, and eventuallly fatal, health issues…this has been rough to process


  • finished my first videogame ever using Twine! It’s going to be part of a digital exhibition, and I was approached by a producer from the City of Darebin to submit a work, am so glad it’s finished, it’s the most challenging (and personal) work in terms of having to learn a lot of knowledge quickly, and on-the-fly, but also fantastic to work so consistently on a project.
  • and…also finished yet another digital commission regarding responses to disability for another exhibition called ‘A Museum of Us’ – again, I used Twine, but this was an easier work to complete and is a prose poem where you’re directed to read passages roughly in a particular order
  • tried jerk chicken for the first time ever at a soul food Sunday Caribbean feast, and it was absolutely divine – this is an example of a previous ‘take-home’ version prepared and delivered by my mate Dan, with my father’s beans and rice – it’s been really lovely connecting to (Indo-Guyanese) culture through something which I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with, and sometimes struggle with, but has become something I now look forward to experiencing? Disordered eating is complicated, but am in a very good position with it – have been for quite some time


  • edited a personal essay for a fellow collective member
  • found a place to live…goddamn I have some good eggs in my corner – future, and past, and continuing! Not looking forward to the breakup of our household at present…the people I live with have been so generous, caring, funny, nerdy, intelligent, adventurous, creative, dorky (look, dorkiness is a compliment of the highest order. If you are not capable of some dorkiness, it makes me suspicious!), and just made me feel like I had a right to want a safe place to live
  • currently waiting for my digital pieces to go live, which is pretty exciting!
  • gently reincorporating reading back into my life: I may have mentioned that PTSD has hit my attention span in a very odd way and reading was so natural to focus on for me, but it became so difficult. Am working on gradually telling PTSD to fuck itself, I have plans for life so yeah, get thee gone!
  • more to come! (my god, how much does life admin suck? also, christ, I worked a lot more during the pandemic than I thought I did!)
  • Invisible Illness, a digital artwork commissioned by the City of Darebin is now live!
  • our collective, The Disabled QBIPOC Collective, got a mention in The Australian Book Review!
  • It’s not till 2022 (I know right, so far away!) but been asked if I’d be interested in submitting a suite of poems for an online literary journal, which is pretty exciting!
  • on a sad note, saw the person largely responsible for someone special in my life taking their life at a beer dinner. Love openly while you can


  • I moved house AGAIN, yes, I know, this is ridiculous even by my standards, but perhaps not so unusual given I’m no longer averaging being hospitalised once a year?
  • slept, unpacked, arranged, made my personal space look like home – pretty much all I did with the month
  • ran a workshop with Midsumma’s Pathways programme with my collective members from the Disabled QBIPOC Collective


  • started writing again: a new poem came out of absolutely nowhere, and…now only have two poems I have to finish for what would be my first full-length poetry manuscript (one I have the blueprint for, the other I can’t recall what it was meant to be, so might not need it…)
  • assessed applications for an editorial mentorship for the first time ever, ooh-er!
  • got another one of those gigs that I can’t talk yet about but am obvs very excited about