toffing it up about town

Still haven’t quite finished entertaining L. After dinner at The Deanery, we had a hot date with a booth at The Toff In Town. Thank goodness for bookings because the bouncers are…choosy with whom they let in.

Our booth seated about six people ‘intimately’ or four people with a fair bit of space. The decor is pretty swish with lots of old world accents. I particularly liked the chintzy tablecloth.

The Toff In Town tablecloth

Again, you will all have to put up with my shitty mobile phone photos. Sorry about that. Tristan and I shared a bottle of cider from France – Bordelet sidre brut tendre, a nomtastic drop.


The gals Nat and L had cocktails. The one on the left is the Violet Ayala – a champagne cocktail with violet and aloe vera for the sophisticated pallet (sic). The one on the right is a Ginger Marmalade Margarita – a classic take on the margarita with ginger, kaffir lime leaf and homemade marmalade.

Toff In Town cocktails

Nat and L being silly girlie girls had to have both the cocktails with the word ‘violet’ in them. The one below is the Lilac Velvet – a gin-based cocktail with grape, lemon, vanilla and juniper. I think the red blob at the bottom is a glace cherry!


We all decided to share a cheese platter too. On the night we went, our cheese platter consisted entirely of cow’s milk cheeses. I’m afraid I only remember that the one of the left was Delice. It also comes with plenty of crackers and muscatels, mmm.


I may have tittered a little upon seeing that you could order Bridge Road Chav beer. I think they mean ‘Chevalier’. Despite the constant spelling errors littered through the menu, the beer list is cracking though at times quite expensive.

Still, if you want to impress the hell out of an out-of-towner, I’d recommend a Toff booth. It’s got a fancy button so you can summon bar staff and everything! They do have plenty of nibblies too, but if you want to be really lazy, best to have dinner beforehand at Cookie, that which I’ve been meaning to review (using iPhone photos – that should be fun!).

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