2018 zines, tinnies ‘n’ tea

(updated Sat 29 Dec 2018)

list by week: (bold = non-alcoholic drink options)

      1. Concrete Queers #5 / Madame Flavour rooibos mint and choc tea
      2. Top Secret Burger & Space Out by Linkraptor / Sailors’ Grave Brewing ‘Down She Gose
      3. Tenderness (curated by Clara Bradley) / T2 French Earl Grey loose leaf tea
      4. Rabbit Journal 21 ‘Indigenous’ / Stomping Ground ‘Pridelweiss’
      5. White Whine by Sarah Firth / Higher Living white tea with elderflower and apricot
      6. Every Morning by Mel Stringer; a list of (some) things that trigger my PTSD by Nope Club 2016 / Nutra Organics beetroot latte mix
      7. A Sharp Knife #6 / Oxfam fair trade hot chocolate mix sweetened with maple syrup
      8. oh well by Giselle Nguyen / (not 8 Wired ‘Cucumber Hippy Berliner)
      9. Hook Up #1 by Anthony Nocera / Bright Chocolate cacao husk tea
      10. the adventures of Ruby & Mags II by Lilly Piri / Jenier grenadine vanilla black tea
      11. what is a fruit? what is a vegetable? by Sandy in NSW / Old Wives’ Ales ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ NE IPA
      12. UNCEDED by various creators / Red Duck Beer ‘Make Like A Gooseberry’
      13. ‘Girl: poems on childhood & Eulogy (photo-essay)’ by Rachael Wenona Guy / Magic Rock Brewing ‘Salty Kiss’
      14. Writing on the Wall by Anne M Carson / Jenier lemon ginger black tea
      15. Paper & Ink 12 by various creatives / Two Birds Brewing stout
      16. WIDGET by various creatives / Bridge Road Brewing ‘Magical Christmas Unicorn’
      17. I <3 Food Network by Holly Casio / Hop Nation Brewing ‘Market’ NEIPA
      18. Backyard 1 by Backyard SK Collective / Kaiju ‘Krush’
      19. The Coelacanth Journal 4 by various contributors / Dainton Brewing cherrywood smoked rye Baltic porter
      20. TICK TOCK by Zoe Meagher & Eddie Edmends / Henry Langdon vanilla chai latte
      21. The Suburban Review (ed. Anupama Pilbrow) / Woolworths English breakfast tea (and Sailors Grave Brewing coffee breakfast stout) – which does also have an alcoholic beverage, so it’s hotlinked here (funded by Patreon)
      22. Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘Eldritch Erotica’ / T2 crème brûlée black tea (funded by Patreon)
      23. Cuntalope zine #1 (various) / Sobah Beverages’ lemon aspen pilsner (funded by Patreon)
      24. Pizza Echoes zine & Red Duck Beer’s ‘Sexy Thing’ chocolate & chilli dark ale (funded by Patreon)
      25. The Tundish Review #5 Apr 2018 & Macro Wholefoods matcha (funded by Patreon)
      26. Woolf Pack #10 & a ‘honey nutter’ smoothie (funded by Patreon)
      27. Rabbits & Relics by Rae White & 3 Ravens ‘Salted Caramel Milkshake IPA’ (funded by Patreon)
      28. Riz Ahmed ‘Eldritch Erotica’ & Sailors Grave Brewing ‘Australian Gothic’ farmhouse ale
      29. Fruits of My Labour 3 ‘Bloody Oath’ & Anderson Valley Brewing Co. blood orange gose
      30. Smut zine #4 ‘Day Dreamer’ & Madame Flavour ‘Australian Afternoon Grey’

I’ll eventually have everything listed by drink (booze/not-booze), and by zine too! with clickable links, thanks for your patience <3