what was 2018

(last updated Fri 14 Dec 2018)

Am mega-enjoying this year, while still sending my bestie the goofiest selfies ever, and getting good cheer cuddles from the best rescue cat in the world that chose to adopt me.

I love that folks do contact me via FB, IM or through previous engagements to do cool things, and if you’re not one of those folks, feel free to click and be taken to my online contact form here.

You can also get in touch on my EDS FB page, if that’s your jam too.

Twitter: @snarkattack (I also use @eatdrinkstagger mainly for food-related media links)
Instagram: @eatdrinkstagger.

The serious note is that I minimally edit listings here — it helps me to ‘map out’ the time in my head, with the view that it’ll help jog my memory in case I have to have ECT again…keeping detailed, ordered notes off-line and through online documentation and with task manager apps has helped me a lot, though there are still some years that have…gone. This might also explain any info holes here.

general 2018 works-in-progress / awesome commitments

    • continuing to get hugs and be hugged by the best rescue cat in the world ever (yes, I am completely and utterly biased!)
    • reviews editor for the Melbourne Spoken Word website
    • committee & comms group member for Women’s Melbourne Network (am largely responsible for our Twitter presence)
    • Vic beer reviewing for Froth (for overseas pals, that’s the state I live in, in Australia)
    • reader for the speculative fiction online mag Syntax & Salt – got to guest edit the poetry-only issue!
    • a series of memoir-style essays on retracing my life after voluntary electroconvulsive therapy for The Lifted Brow (online) – just finished the first part which focusses on 2017 and started 2016; it’ll be a group of five (yep 5!) essays called ‘The Five Year Plan’
    • a collection of fifteen poems inspired by Elizabeth Allen’s ‘Inpatient (impatient)’ sequence from her collection Present and interested places to send it to!
    • a chapbook manuscript with the working title ‘have questions / will answer’, submitted for Subbed In’s chapbook prize (it wasn’t successful but still really proud of myself for getting in a submission! Also, the finalist list is drool-worthy!
    • Liminal mag interview!
    • a zine collecting the poetry I’ve written for/by/with/spurred on by videogames, it’s called ‘oh, the games p(eo)pl(e) play! if you want to help me work on it, chuck me a few bob for a hot drink on my Patreon?
    • a series of women-of-colour-oriented lit nerd classes for Laneway Learning (Melb: TBA)
    • Melbourne Spoken Word interview!
    • committed to voluntarily writing a review each season (gratis), and getting it published:
      • 1. summer: Koel by Jen Crawford here; 
      • 2. autumn: Mirror Sydney by Vanessa Berry here;
      • 3. winter: If The World Were Upside Down here by John Englezos;
      • 4. spring: too far away to know, bliss!
    • writing a weekly blog post where I read a zine, maybe listen to something while reading, and drink something glorious, of either alcoholic or non-alcoholic nature. So far it’s been all about the tea? Check out the archive here. I’m also working on listing everything so it’s viewable according to:
      • (i) week
      • (ii) teetotaller-friendly and
      • (iii) booze-specific; thought it might be nice to give options to those actively trying to avoid alcohol – would love input/feedback on if that’s useful 🙂

Mar 2018

  • first WMN bookclub meeting where I co-facilitated with fellow committee member Tara! We did Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness. You can see me pulling the goofiest face in the world here. Janet Mock saw and posted about us too!

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December 2018

  • was live on air at 3CR for their International Day of People with a Disability 2018 showcase with some ‘Not Normal’ castmates – you can now listen here
  • first piece in Archer mag for their ‘Gaze’ themed issue