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the dish sure is big enough!

When I first went to Big Dish in Thornbury, purely on the basis that it seemed to have semi-decent reviews on Urbanspoon and was tucked away out my way, Tristan was adamant it not be reviewed due to the possible flux of hipsters. I politely pointed out that a. he was a dirty, filthy, stinking hipster and b. I really, really, really liked it.
The second time we went, we’re in the car going back to mine.

“Gem, you tewtelly have to review Big Dish!”
“What the fuck? You said I couldn’t review it!”
“Do it before (redacted) do!”
“Oh…oh, okay then, I bloody well will!”


Big Dish is always packed. It’s also a house, or rather, was. I overheard the cook telling a couple to grab seats in the kids’ room if nowhere else was available. On our first visit, we sat at the communal table, which really is just a dining table. The last time we went, we got a table outdoors. I couldn’t remember when it was last warm enough to sit outside! Yea spring.

The menus are adorable and are repurposed Little Golden Books. Remember those? The only one I have is for the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, bought for me when we lived in England to help with a maths competition (I didn’t win. It’s okay, one year there I won a soft toy tiger that I originally named ‘Tigger’. He made the Britain-to-Australasia trip too). Tristan read the one below while I went back inside to order.

another Little Golden Book & OJ

The only real issue with the menu is a lot of it is egg-based. Don’t get me wrong, I love eggs for breakfast, but if you’re trying to avoid them then options are tricky. Having said that, I ordered the campfire breakfast – cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs and spinach. It’s baked in a small cast-iron pan and served with a side of sourdough. Divine.


Tristan had the claypot eggs which comes in three flavours: chorizo, spinach and fetta or basil and parmesan. He chose the spinach and fetta. The eggs are cooked in a tomato and sweet capsicum salsa. Sourdough is perfect with this for soaking up the leftover juices. Again, a deeply impressive dish.

spinach and fetta claypot eggs

Was it a fluke? We decided to revisit last weekend to see. All in the name of research, you understand. Nabbing a table on the outdoor verandah, I admired yet another retro salt and pepper duo! Can’t decide if I prefer this duo or the one at The Breakfast Club…

salt 'n' pepper

It’s no fluke. My chilli con carne burrito was freaking fantastic. Wine-marinated mince and everything! And the stringy cheese and beans! I ate everything, even the guacamole, Jalapenos and tomato relish. Damn good tortillas too. I haven’t had breakfast as I write this and could really go this again. Care to peek inside?

chilli con carne burrito

T was equally thrilled with his sweet corn hot cakes that comes with perfectly poached eggs, avocado, horseradish cream and your choice of a side of bacon or smoked salmon.

corn cakes with poached eggs and bacon

Their chai lattes aren’t the best I’ve had, but T tells me the coffee is really good. It turns out that they use Coffee Supreme beans.

café latté

I love the Mexican lilt to their menu and the warm, friendly service. Expect to pay about $15 or so for a breakfasty-brunchy treat. While you’re at it, have a browse through the art for sale displayed on the walls. Yea for supporting local artists.

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