a place to drink, but only drink

It’s another breakfasty-brunchy post. What the hell. Sunshine, waking up early-ish on weekends. I don’t even know me anymore.


Apte is about halfway between where I live and the city. Could be a good bike ride location when the weather stays good instead of this warm-cold Melbourne nonsense we’re experiencing at present.

Alas, while the staff are sweet and I’m told the coffee is fantastic (5 Senses blend), breakfast was…lacklustre. Here’s a cafe latte for your delectation.

cafe latté

I ordered the ‘apte’ scrambled eggs, with the optional smoked salmon and asked for goat’s cheese instead of the feta that normally comes with that. The staff were pretty cool with that. However, when my dish first came out, there was no salmon. Back into the kitchen it goes to be mussed up and have salmon added to it. It does not give me any pleasure to say that my mother makes better scrambled eggs – these were rubbery and dry.

apte scrambled eggs with salmon and goat's cheese

Ze Bit O’ Meat’s Spanish baked eggs didn’t fare much better. The eggs were overcooked and the yolks looked the ones you get on hard boiled eggs. Really, really disappointing. Normally I invent excuses to visit a place more than once before doing the write-up (‘research’ trips are important, hehe) but as we were leaving, I said to T that I didn’t feel this place needed a revisit.

spanish baked eggs

A shame really, given that on a sunny day it’s a gorgeous space to eat outside, and it’s stylish indoors.

Am I missing something? (about Apte, I mean, be nice!) Perhaps we caught them on a bad day? I’m not too fussed as I can head to Big Dish or Jackson Dodds if I want a semi-local breakfasty-brunchy fix.

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