Yim Yam, yum!

The trendier third of Eat, Drink, Stagger was having a bit of a rough time a while back. Sadly, Ryan lives quite far from me so I only really get to catch up with him in the city and its environs. However, Ryan had suggested that myself and Tris head out his way for a film at the sumptuous Sun Theatre in Yarraville, and naturally this meant dinner beforehand. His excellent recommendation on the night was Yim Yam, a Thai/Laotian restaurant. It’s the sort of place you’d never really find out about if it weren’t for a local telling you about it.

It was a public holiday, and the small but cute, kitsch eatery was packed to the rafters. A good sign. The service was always polite, but a little erratic due to the volume of business from diners and takeaway-getters alike.

The three of us were seated at a communal bench so things get very cosy! For entrรฉe, I suggested we get two servings of the Thai pancakes. You can see what they look like all wrapped up here, but I want to show what’s inside. See the soft, fibrous brown stuff? That’s palm sugar! What wondrous stuff. It feels a little like candy/fairy floss, but denser though it melts on your tongue as soon as you eat it.

Thai pancake, detail

After some whining from Tris that I’d chosen the dish he wanted, I selected another. Both of us got two ‘salads’ respectively, the papaya and crab, and the toasted rice and coconut ones. The papaya one was extremely fresh, chilli-laden and addictive. Mine was milder and very crunchy. Tris’ one was unbelievable – it really did taste like they’d just dashed off to get the ingredients to make it just for you. A small note of contention however: rather than ‘crab’, it was meatless crab claws. Again, ridiculously fresh but the crab itself was too small to have any meat. In any case, it imbued the salad with a seawater note – it sounds odd, but it was wonderful.

papaya and crab salad

toasted rice and coconut salad

Ryan ordered the tamarind chicken and a serve of rice. There was more than plenty of the chicken and we all got to taste – next time I go there, I’m getting this dish! Just the perfect amount of flavour, dryness and tenderness. I sadly did not take a good enough photo of this dish for it to appear here. We had some leftovers of all dishes and they were just amazing the day after – still hot, crunchy and flavoursome.

Not getting a good photo of Ryan’s selection is the perfect reason to go back as I’m so ordering that dish next time (yeah, sure Gem, it’s all about the photos…*rolls eyes at self*). So Ryan…when are we going next? There is another one in Moonee Ponds which is a little easier to get to for me, but I rather like the Yarraville one as an excuse to head out Ryan’s way.

Yim Yam on Urbanspoon

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5 thoughts on “Yim Yam, yum!

  1. Gem

    @cloudcontrol of course! It is imperative you come, I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ryan

    Those pancakes! Divine. And what an awesome evening we had that night with A Single Man at the Sun.Am most definitely up for another visit to Yim Yam. There’s so much of the menu left for us to try. Just say the word, partner!

  3. Gem

    @Ryan sweet! We should organise something soonish, and make sure Billy can come too ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeah, there’s a lot of unexplored territory on that menu, ooh yeah.

  4. Gem

    @Ryan sweet! We should organise something soonish, and make sure Billy can come too ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeah, there's a lot of unexplored territory on that menu, ooh yeah.


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