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last-minute lunchies with the Scottish Powerhouse of Fun™

My very last day in Sydney and I was a little bit burnt out. Was doing quite well to actually make it out of my humble host’s house at a decent hour and had a few hours to kill. I hadn’t been able to meet up with her thus far, but thought I’d call @gabfran, hoping we’d be able to meet up as various things had conspired to make it not so.

So there I am waiting at Central Station, having been accosted by the shyest and barely audible fundraiser, when this lithe thing strides towards me and takes me to a place she goes to for lunch when at work. I have no time to protest before my overnighter is swung out of my arms. She took me to a half-outdoor Japanese cafe called Siorie, and by took, yes, I mean would not let me pay for a jot. Gosh, I do love being a spoilt tourist.

The lunch menu is wonderful – there are lots of fantastic and inexpensive options so you get to try more than one thing. I got a sashimi/sushi set, and my Scottish Powerhouse of Fun™ got a tofu and wakame salad. Mine came with miso and a green salad with orange juice as dressing – been a while since I had a salad like that. A welcome change. Make sure you pull your lid off your miso soup very carefully. A saw one less fortunate businesswoman who sadly did not do so, and ended up with a lap of miso.

miso soup & salad sushi & sashimi lunch set

The sushi and sashimi was delightfully fresh and hit the spot. It was just what I was in the mood for! Yes, you can see I had an Asahi to accompany my meal… M has the tofu and wakame salad regularly, and I can see why. Healthy and delicious! She did kindly let me have a taste too. Unlike me, she was much more sensible and had sencha to drink instead of alcohol.

tofu & wakame salad

This little place isn’t too far from Central Station – it was about a 5 minute walk, so it afforded me ample time for a leisurely lunch and I didn’t have to fret about catching the train back to the airport. M and I managed a natter on all sorts of topics, and when we parted ways, I felt reinvigorated just in time for returning back to Melbourne, straight to a gig no less. Goodbye Sydney! You treated me most well. Even if I did put on a few extra unwanted kilos. Good thing they don’t charge for that at check-in…

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