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blood sugar, sex, maybe some magic

*insert general excitement about having new Patreon supporters*

Look, it’s never going to get old. People wanting to support one’s creativity…it really does feel fantastic.

I wasn’t having a great last few days, but made the effort today to do some self-care stuff, and epic adulting (how good is it that you can pay your car registration in three-monthly instalments, praise the capitalist lords?!). After testing to see that That’s Alotta Donuts really is 24-7 (?!?! who needs doughnuts that urgently?!), I bought some lemon meringue ones, some white choc and raspberry ones, and one each of a Rocky Road and Ferrero Rocher. I’d chosen them having in mind to pair them with a dark beer. A riffle through my zine collection, and lo and behold, a fun theme emerged!

zine: Pizza Echoes by Michael Hawkins (printed by Glom Press; $10 from Junky Comics distro)

beer: Red Duck Sexy Thing chocolate and chilli dark ale (500mL; 6.9% ABV limited release)

guest appearance: lemon meringue + white choc & raspberry doughnuts from That’s Alotta Donuts

Over the weekend, I had another one of Red Duck’s limited release beers I’d been keen to try for a while (the Choki Boki) – it full-on looked like chocolate milk, frothed in the same way, and smelled of glorious caramelly, chocolatish biscuit goodness! Sadly, this did not quite translate to the palate. Sexy Thing is completely different – it is delightful, rich, really smooth and now I wish I had an extra bottle. It went really well with the lemon meringue doughnut which isn’t all that sweet, and is a doughy, gooey, fluffy flavoured air treat to eat. Seriously, I hate making a mess when eating, but it’s absolutely impossible to eat the lemon meringue doughnut neatly. Etiquette school be damned!

So yeah, the doughnuts are GONE, the beer’s just about on its way to disappearing, so now it’s zine reading time. An A5 riso-print zine about pizza in turquoise, neon green and neon pink? Even the staples are pink?! <3

Three siblings seem to be bonding over a misplaced childhood toy known as the ‘metal b.f.’ They chat about several places they’ve lived and someone brings in a pizza. One sibling can’t really recall their time there, so the other two try to jog the memory by describing their pizza-making antics.

Storytelling and reminiscing, shared food and oddities such as the metal b.f. are weirdly and lovingly intertwined…just when you think one bit’s about to get freaky, one of those three elements will kind of ‘anchor’ the story to prevent it going fully surreal. This lot sound like the most adorable siblings – it’s got shades of Stranger Things, and Stephen King’s ItPossibly even Paper Girls? In case you’re wondering, I recommend all these things, except maybe don’t watch It unless you’re okay with clowns. The book felt much less vivid, though totally just as scary.

So…do you have any weird pizza stories? Perhaps it’s like the cheese dream phenomenon? My Monday evening has panned out (ha! see what I…?!) better than it felt it would when I first woke up today.


mixed feelings about Misty’s

I want to keep loving Misty’s, I really do. I’ve been quite a few times – even long ago enough for this sign not to mean anything to me, oh those days of innocence.

Sierra Nevada sign

One of my old friends used to live in the area and first suggested we go. It’s really cool inside – 50s booths and memorabilia on the walls.

Sadly, when I last went there to take L while she was down from Sydney, we went on a very busy evening. First we were told that we could only dine in if we wanted to sit outside. There were lots of bookings and we didn’t have one. That’s fine: we chose to eat outside rather than not eat here at all.

Later on, we learnt that you could indeed sit inside if you were willing to wait and that many folks did do this. Argh, what the hell?! Anyway, we were here and we placed our order. As I tell newcomers as it was told to me, cheesy chilli fries are the way to go when you’re here for your first time.

These are the famous cheesy chilli fries, when eaten at the restaurant. Yup, they look a little gross but they’re so freaking good.

cheesy chilli fries

This is what we ended up with instead, eaten huddled in my parked car. These are wet fries – still delicious and reminiscent of poutine. Originally we ordered the dish above as a starter to share but they forgot to put in our order. Yes yes, of course we asked about it a few times and got it when we’d actually finished our mains. The reason we got wet fries instead of cheesy chilli fries was because when someone came out to confirm our order for the third or fourth time (seriously, I lost count), I was told that because I’d said yes when the lady said ‘wet fries’, I got wet fries.

My bad that the wait staff, the dude taking my order and the kitchen staff initially stuffed up my order. I confess I just said yes so I could get my food and get the hell out of there to somewhere warm.

Still, the wet fries are good and me, Tristan and L gobbled them up like hungry, hungry hippos. Basically, they’re what I initially ordered but without the spiciness – gravy, melted cheese and chopped spring onions.

wet fries

But let’s get back to when we were still dining at the restaurant and not forced to my car shivering like mad.

L decided on the Philly cheese dog for her main. It looked and smelt so good! Lots of onions, thinly sliced beef and drowned in sauce. If I went back I would so order this next time!

philadelphia steak sandwich

Tristan and I shared the ‘I Want What Misty’s Having’ platter – which was two mini blue cheese and Cajun burgers, and a serve to share of the mini blue cheese salad and mini taco nachos. This is perfect if you’re wanting to try out lots of things and not feel sick with overeating!

what misty's having

These burgers are small. Here’s my fist curled next to one for comparison’s sake. Suck on that White Castle!

what misty's having

Crazily, despite us girls freezing our tits off outside, we still had to have the thickshakes. L and I shared a cherry cola one – I am a fan from way back.

cherry cola thickshake

Tristan went for one of their most popular ones – a Reese’s pieces thickshake. I don’t even like Reese’s peanut butter cups but have to admit the thickshake is delicious.

reece's pieces thickshake

Tristan reckons the food here is so good that despite the appalling customer service on this occasion, I’d still come back. There are loads of things on the menu I do still want to try and it’s guilty pleasure eating at its finest but no. I won’t be returning, not even for takeaway, not even for the breakfast burrito I saw on their menu and not even in spite of their ability to cater for vegetarians (there are loads of vegetarian options, believe it or not!).

So yeah, if you know of any other ace places offering the American junk food experience in all its glory, you be sure to let me know! I could never ever fault the food at Misty’s Diner but am not returning (or indeed recommending) a place where they make you feel like their incompetence is something you have to grin and bear. I’m pretty downcast about having to ‘demote’ one of my favourite junk food haunts.

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