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hipster-laden tacos

You may recall that recently Tristan wrote about hipster free tacos. Not long after his Mad Mex experience, I had the good fortune to catch the Mecca of Melbourne movable eateries, or one half at least – the newish Taco Truck.

I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to visit the Taco Truck because it normally frequents a part of town that is sadly quite far from me. However, on this particular really horribly freezing night, for some amazing reason, they broadcast on their Twitter account that they would be at Glenn College at La Trobe University, Bundoora.

There is nothing out this way. Sure, the Bedroom Philosopher has immortalised the number 86 tram (from Bundoora RMIT campus to Spencer Street Station), but Bundoora has very little in the way to celebrate unless you go further north and catch a rare but magic glimpse of the semi-naked all-seasons Mill Park running man. God, I’d love to meet that dude.

So after driving around for half an hour on La Trobe’s grounds and getting directions off strangers (some of whom were kind enough to warn me emphatically not to walk through certain parts of the campus alone…shudder), I made it to the bloody truck. La Trobe, you guys need maps and adequate lighting about your traps. And competent security guards.

I do like that they’d (I assume) trekked out all the way to the outer north because there was a joint Filipino, Indian and Australian art exhibition so luckily for me (as I was dressed very shabbily), there was a distinct dea(r)th of hipsters. In fact, it was quite a friendly sound, hearing some folks speaking my mother’s native tongue Tagalog and folks of all ages queueing up for the food.

I bellowed my order as loudly as I could and waited in line for half an hour (this was only really an issue because it was below 10C. Ordering beer in the meantime was out of the question because it was that cold. A sad state of affairs).

They had a good deal going – $12 for a plate of two tacos and corn chips. You could choose from fish, chicken or potato. I chose fish and chicken. As soon as I got my order (which I suspect they may have forgotten to fill initially), I literally ran back to my car, started it and ate in relative warmth.

Taco Truck plate

Of course when the hipster half of the blog visited where it’s normally placed in Carlton, he got a much prettier picture of his nosh.

The corn chips were great. I’m hoping Clovis, the owner of Mad Mex wasn’t lying when he said that their own corn chips were authentic because if this is the case, then that makes Taco Truck’s ones equally so – they were very, very similar in taste.

I was sceptical at first about the fish in the taco being battered but one bite slayed any such fears I had – the fish taco was divine and my overt carnivore actually preferred that over the chicken taco though that was also flavoursome and fresh. Wish I’d ordered an extra one.

Now, to retry Beatbox Kitchen and judge them outside of Laneway Festival constraints.

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