shouting…jaeger, jaeger, jaeger

While in Sydney, it was suggested we check out Una’s, in Darlinghurst. I gathered about my posse and a few of us went there for lunch. The cuisine looks very German-inspired. Because I haven’t eaten very much of this type of cuisine at all, I can’t judge whether or not it’s authentic. I was eager to try some beers I’d never had before upon arrival. I had the Radeberger pilsner, while the Bit O’ Meat had an Erdinger Weissbrau. Mine was perfect for quenching my thirst after traipsing to the restaurant in the typical Sydney heat and humidity.

Radeberger pilsner

My friend L had been here before and suggested we all share the baked camembert as an entree. I certainly wasn’t going to argue!

baked camembert entree

A fellow Melburnian on Twitter, @artywah, had spoken highly of the Jaeger chicken schnitzel, so I convinced Bit O’ Meat to share that with me. I was pretty excited about it coming with rosti. L also had it (and they kindly let her take home the leftovers, hee hee), and our other dining companion E had steak. He mentioned he felt the steak a little expensive for the serve. I would like to have seen salad on my plate – perhaps I’ve been spoilt by having too many generous parmas down Melbourne way.

Jaeger chicken schnitzel with rosti

Personally, I prefer non-crumbed parmas and the like, but the sauce on this schnitzel was really good. Wish it had more mushrooms as they soak up the sauce wonderfully. I’m really glad I shared my main as it’s quite a filling meal. The wait staff took a bit of issue with us sharing one of the schnitzels, being of the opinion it most definitely wouldn’t be enough for either of us. I say they were wrong!

Glad to have visited, but I probably wouldn’t go back. It’s a little expensive for food that is just okay.


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