not the one in Chinatown!

I know, I know, Camy Shanghai Dumpling House in Chinatown is gross. When I say gross, I mean I’ve seen things there that have made me and fellow diners want to puke. Still I ate there countless times after and the only reason I stopped going was I saw a worker, possibly owner, manhandle a bogan couple in the alley. I kid you not: actual violence. It was like I was on Victoria Street in Richmond…

Thankfully, the Box Hill David and Camy’s Noodle Restaurant is another matter altogether. A few months ago as a treat whilst catsitting, three of us headed out and of course ordered far too much. In fact, one of the dishes we ordered didn’t come. Thank goodness for such small mercies!

Of course, David and Camy’s was packed. The Box Hill one looks a good deal less seedy but yes, the service is as…efficient. Let’s face it, we come because they give us good, cheap, reliable dumplings. But god, what ones to order? I guess it makes sense to go fried, steamed, vegie and meat in some combination, right?

Behold, steamed pork dumplings with chilli oil, nom. I absolutely love steamed dumplings with thick skins. Hit me up!

steamed pork dumplings with chilli oil

Under pretense of ‘health’, vegetable dumplings. Don’t worry, they’re fried, so that cancels out the vegie goodness, hehehe.

fried vegetable dumplings

And what these beauties look like inside. Damn, they were (temperature) hot! So don’t be too tempted to inhale them. You will get burnt.

vegetable dumpling, detail

The last dish, the dumplings in chilli oil, was what truly defeated our stomachs despite the amount of generally digestive-aiding Chinese tea drunk. I think Tristan really took one for the team and with considerable effort demolished them when me and K could not.

dumplings in chilli oil soup

An excellently cheap late lunch and boy did it ensure I didn’t need dinner. You can roughly expect to pay about $10 a person, maybe $15 if you’ve gone all out. Bargain basement meal: achieved.

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8 thoughts on “not the one in Chinatown!

  1. fatbooo

    Haha! I remember how cheap the one in the city was, but we were really squashed into tables like battery hens. Amazing how filling having a dumpling meal can be, but I rarely feel satisfied coming out of it. Instead I just feel oily inside. 😉

    1. Gem

      Kind of rite of passage going to Camy’s in the city and being treated thus, innit? Oh, it hits me as soon as I stand up, hehehe, but yeah, totally know what you mean about oily.

  2. Daniel

    The Dave and Camy is one of our regular places for a cheap meal or takeaway. There noodles are pretty good too….the Shanghai noodles, the Taiwan briskets, and the one with the sweet and sour pork are all favourites. And it is dirt cheap.

    But it’s also one of those places where you don’t want to eat too much. Inevitably, if you eat too much, you feel sick in the stomach.

    1. Gem

      Oooh, I’ll have to remember those for the next time Daniel, they sound like fabbo recs! And yep, we’ve all been there, overindulged and regretted it as soon as you get up…we were so lucky one of our dishes didn’t come out. Don’t know what the hell we were thinking.

    1. Gem

      Yup, I was under that impression too Penny. Except I don’t know where Shanghai is…

      I *love* the Northern Chinese dumplings for that very reason 🙂


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