no goddamn colonels, no goddamn clowns!!!


Grill'd interior

Post-fillum nosh and I was starving. I persuaded the Bit O’ Meat (the nickname for my better half) to buy me a gourmet burger. A mere hop, skip and a jump across the road from Cinema Nova and we’re at Grill’d in Carlton.

I must say when I first was introduced to the gourmet burger bar concept, I was singing the praises of rival Urban Burger to all and sundry. However, I have now defected to the other camp: I much prefer Grill’d and find them on the whole to be more flavoursome and satisfying, and aesthetically, less sloppy.

You might recall that I previously wrote about Grill’d. So for this occasion, I made sure to choose a burger I hadn’t had before – the ‘Grill’d Bird ‘n’ Brie’, while partner had ‘Hot Mama’, available in either ‘hot’, or ‘extra hot’. Bravely, I thought, Bit O’ Meat chose ‘extra hot’. The chicken and brie one I decided on sounded very similar to one of my favourites at Urban Burger, and so I was keen to compare.

Below is a photo of my ‘Bird ‘n’ Brie’ with its best ‘come hither’ look:


Grill'd Bird 'n' Brie burger

It’s become clear to me that Grill’d burgers are actually prepared pretty carefully (it seemed so to me as they prepared our order) – they’re always neat and all ingredients are in balance. though mine was a little heavy on the cranberry sauce. The brie was melty and luxurious with bites of chicken. Partner’s was also delish but not as hot as I thought it would be – just enough to give the burger a good hit of flavour and heat.

I’m actually looking forward to trying one of their vegetarian burgers next up. Might bring a toothbrush with me if I have a side of fries…those things, while addictive, are definitely not first-date food. I don’t care: I will still eat them and look stupid with green bits in my teeth, and remind my companion with the promise of breakfast at St Ali’s and dinner at the Station Hotel in Footscray. Don’t let anyone tell you bribery doesn’t work!


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4 thoughts on “no goddamn colonels, no goddamn clowns!!!

  1. kissability

    I really like the vege burgers at Grill’d – the “garden” one I think is my favourite. Grill’d may have good vegetarian options but it’s not “safe” for vegetarians and vegans (if you know any) – I believe they still cook their chips in animal fat.

  2. Gem

    Hullo 🙂 actually, regarding the chips, that’s an excellent point you raise. I shall go and ask them next time I go to Grill’d about what they cook their chips in. Who knows, perhaps if enough people were to ask, they would consider switching to vegetable oil. I know it’d change the taste, but I wouldn’t be too concerned, and I’m sure other carnivores wouldn’t mind either!

  3. Gem

    I must confess, choosing a burger at the Station Hotel didn’t even occur to me! There is a next time… *eyes gleam greedily*


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