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I don’t get to hang out with Mike often enough, so when he asked if anyone was interested in a casual dinner after he finished teaching in the city, I jumped at the chance even though I was nowhere near the city that day. Nope, wasn’t even trying to con a guest post out of him, just wanted to hang.

Sometimes, you just want to go out for dinner somewhere where you can be yourself and not care about how scruffy you look. For this reason, I suggested we head out to The Waiters’ Club in Meyers Place in the city. As you enter Meyers Place, look up! You might just see a Space Invader mosaic creation.

more decor

Once you enter The Waiters’ Club, it should be obvious by the 80s diner aesthetic still in place. Seriously, there is nothing fancy-looking about this joint. As soon as you enter, you’re sure to be enthusiastically greeted by wait staff. The menu is on boards around the restaurant, so just take a look (or a squint in my myopic case) and don’t forget the specials board at the front of the restaurant.

Mike and I were waiting for Tris whose work had him running late and so both of us ordered. Mike initially chose the calamari but they’d run out so he settled for the veal schnitzel. It was pretty freaking huge. I think they could have done to give more vegetables and it’s pretty amusing that they don’t even bother to cut up the potato, haha.

veal schnitzel

The special I wanted was still available – the porcini mushroom risotto. Good-sized serving with plenty of mushrooms (I suspect there wasn’t a great deal of porcini in there…or at least if so then they tasted an awful lot like regular mushrooms). It’s not the best risotto I’ve ever had, but it was just what I was in the mood for. I generally prefer my rice with a hint more ‘bite’. Still, it’s better than my mum’s…(thank god she doesn’t read this blog) One thing I will say is that The Waiters’ Club’s risotto kicks arse over Pellegrini’s any day.

porcini mushroom risotto - special

Ah and yes – if you want wine, then be prepared to have it served to you in latte tumblers. That’s the way this place rolls, yo. It doesn’t faze me personally and I had a glass of the house red while Mike got some Pepsi (not Coke, chuckle).

Tris eventually arrived and we cajoled him into ordering something even though he was shy to eat when we’d finished our meals. Silly thing, he didn’t realise we needed an excuse for dessert! Oh okay, not really. Mike chose the chocolate mousse.

chocolate mousse

I had the tartufo – ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the Italian desserts they had on offer at local pizza joints so whenever I see them available, I try to get them. They looked so appealing on the poster, do you know the ones I mean? And this one had a glacé cherry in it, woo!


Yea! Tris’ spaghetti marinara came out as we started tucking into our desserts. It was bloody generous with the amount of seafood it had in it. I may have stolen a few mussels when he wasn’t looking…

spaghetti marinara

It’d been quite a few years since I’d visited up till this recent visit. The prices are a little dearer than I remember but it’s a good ol’ faithful. So next time you’re bemoaning not being able to get a seat at nearby Pellegrini’s (which is pretty much just opposite the road), come here for dinner – the food is better anyway. Waiters’ Club, I retain my fondness for you, especially after seeing this sticker:

Indians are our friends :)

The Waiters Club / Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “no-fuss Italian fare

  1. Ms Baklover

    Oh my god, I was entranced by those desserts as a kid too!! Forbidden Apple, Cassata, Tartufo… Weren’t they made by Everest or something? We were never allowed to have them. I think the first thing I did when I moved out of home was go to La Porchetta’s, eat some soggy creamy pasta and order a Forbidden Apple. Its name was relevant in so many ways.

    I want one of those stickers!

    1. Gem

      Hahahahaha, Lauren – I totally did that too – got a Forbidden Apple. Yes, Everest, that’s the name! And yes, I totally want one of those stickers. They should have been giving them out around Vindaloo Against Violence time!

  2. Tristan

    Damn you, I want those mussels back!

    While it wasn’t the best Marinara I’ve had in recent memory the no-fuss ambiance of the venue,the friendly staff, and my dining companions cheered me immensely.


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