Melbourne Makers visit Made…Cafe!

My friend Suz runs a monthly workshop/jam-sesh called Melbourne Makers in Kensington and a few of us decided to meet beforehand for breakfast. At first we ventured to a very packed Social Roasting Company who didn’t have space for us (though the staff were lovely). Suz suggested we trot down the road to a place called Made Cafe.

Made Cafe do breakfasty basics and also have fair trade coffee. The menu is small and the staff are sweet. It’s very teensy and decorated wonderfully. In fact, there’s a Ghostpatrol work on one of their walls. We were all far too busy nattering for me to take a photo. I ordered tea to start with and boy do I love a good-looking tea service! Quaint spoons, saucer and teacup. The milk jug is just precious!

tea service

Suz had some toast with the standard array of condiments. I chose the bircher muesli in an attempt to pretend to be healthy. This can’t have been that healthy, it tasted far too good! Jokes. It hit the spot. Lots of yummy fruit and comforting oaty goodness. It recalls Ready-Brek warmth of my British childhood. Yes, I know, the British are weird but you would be too if you lived in such a cold country.

bircher muesli with pistachio, kiwi fruit & strawberries

Tristan had the lemon avocado and tomato toast while I looked on jealously. I don’t know why my tummy and avocado have to be mortal enemies when they aren’t to my mouth. Instead of a plate, the toast was served on a wooden chopping board. Very sweet.

 lemon avocado & tomato on bread

After a nice breakfast, some friendly staff and chatting, we were joined by another mate and we all set off for an afternoon of making things. Stop by sometime if you’re in the area. It’s reasonably priced, friendly and just near Newmarket Station. Thanks for the recommendation, Suz!

Made Cafe on Urbanspoon

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