jetsetting Japanese jaunt

My girlfriend L and I have been through some hard times. She’s been amazing to me over the years and really helped me through some of the hardest and loneliest moments in recent memory. Sadly, she is in Sydney, and I in Melbourne, so I bit the organisational bullet and went on a holiday up her way. L is also largely responsible for my personal culinary renaissance. She inspired me to want to write more about my foodie experiences, in and out of the home. Hopefully one day I’ll be as ace as her in the kitchen.

She knows I love a damn fine bowl of ramen. It seemed perfectly fitting that our first culinary outing when I visited was at Ichiban Boshi, a place she had raved about. When we first arrived, we tore off a number to secure a spot at a table. Thinking it would speed up waiting time, we agreed to be seated at a table with other diners. L had worded me up about the tonkotsu ramen, of which only fifteen bowls are prepared daily. Alas, it was not our day and we had to order standard menu items: we shared an entrée serve of the beef tataki. Look how thinly sliced this rare cooked beauty is! Lurking underneath was sliced onion, soaking up the marinade.

beef tataki entree aburi chashu-men

L had the aburi chashu-men which had some good thick slices of seared pork chops in it. Being an avid seaweed lover, I chose the nori ramen. At first, the ramen bowl has this black-green sludge hiding the noodles, and a small slice of roast pork sitting quietly on top. L was kind enough to take a photo of me wrestling with it.

me concentrating desperately

While the service is a bit erratic, these folks really plough through the lunchtime queue of patrons and are polite, although a little too busy to be fully attentive. Next visit up to Sydney, I will be back: it’s ridiculously well priced and I want that damn tonkotsu!

Ichiban Boshi on Urbanspoon

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9 thoughts on “jetsetting Japanese jaunt

  1. Ryan

    Alliteration included, my love for this post is summed up by the determined look on your face as you’re about to tackle that bad arse ramen. BAM!

  2. Billy

    Melbourne is SO ramen deficient. I can’t believe I didn’t ramen it up while I was in Sydney. But then I did have dinner at a fance French restaurant, and yum cha at Marigold (which wasn’t that good, to be honest). Which ichiban boshi did you go to? I hear the one in Bondi Junction just moved to larger premises. Mmmmm, tonkotsu….

  3. Gem

    @Ryan eating is serious work. You know it!@Billy hullo! I haven’t been to many ramen places in Melbourne but Momotaro Rahmen is one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne full stop – I love to go there by myself after work for a simple but delcious meal. I went to the Ichiban Boshi in the Galeries, near the Kinokuniya bookshop. If you click on the little Urbanspoon badge at the bottom of the review, it will take you to all the relevant details on the appropriate eatery.

  4. Ryan

    I was at the Galleries last time I was in Sydney and @Fuzzie_74 suggested that I hunt down the nearby Ichiban near the bookshop (also apparently full of win). But alas, I didn’t heed his advice. Bugger.

  5. Violet Lily

    It was an amazing meal! I’m definitely having the tataki again. It was so great to have you visit and you have been just as amazing to me, and continue to be 🙂

  6. Gem

    It was good tataki, wasn’t it? Glad you will have it again. Had such a lovely time up there with you, dear. You took me to so many wonderful places. I’m sure I shall visit again so we can do more eateries *grins*.

  7. Madam Wu

    Awesome photos! I went there today and agree that they get through the lunch time crowd with minimal fuss and efficiency. I gotta go back and try that beef tataki after seeing your photos.

  8. Gem

    @Madam Wu thanks! At a pinch, my mobile phone camera isn’t too shabby, though I’m sure others would poo-poo me! Yeah, the beef tataki was something special. I often think fondly of Ichiban Boshi – we don’t really have anywhere like it in Melb, alas. I’ll definitely go back next time I’m up there 😀


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