hit and run ramen hunt

One of my favourite places to purchase bottled beer (and get a growler fill) is Slowbeer in Hawthorn. If you’ve been reading this blog, that’s no secret. The owner, Chris, had this magnificent idea: to have a lambic tasting. So much radness!

Tristan and I didn’t get time to have dinner before the tasting, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat very literally across the road at a Japanese eatery called Ocha2go. We both decided to get ramen.


I had a bowl of the soy ramen – a vegetarian bowl. Excellent amount of menma, shittake and bean shoots, though sadly the latter was not overly fresh. Also lots of wakame, mmm! As far as decent ramen goes, this ain’t it but it’s an ace bowl of noodles.

soy ramen

Would Tristan’s pork and kimchi ramen be any closer to approaching authentic ramen? Again, sadly no. Spicy broth and quite flavoursome, but not ramen. A good ‘fusion’ bowl of noodles perhaps? The meat was a little on the limp, lacklustre side.

pork and kimchi ramen

No matter, still we guzzled them down at record speed, ready to fill ourselves with all the delight that Brett and co. had to offer. There were lots of other enticing items on the menu at Ocha2go so despite the ramen experience not being the finest, I’m still going back to test the rest of the menu!

Ocha2go on Urbanspoon

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8 thoughts on “hit and run ramen hunt

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  2. Emily

    I am craving Ramen after reading your blog, pity I couldn’t find any last night in Melbourne, I had to settle for dumplings. And yes I know Ramen is not a proper noun, the capital R is for emphasis.

    1. Tristan

      Well the ramen above wasn’t particularly good, so you didn’t miss out on much. Shouldn’t you italicise ramen for emphasis, or perhaps quote?

        1. Gem

          Hehehe interesting! A poet friend of mine suggested an edit of the following phrase from my poem: “desire is death” – she said it should be “Desire is Death” and she’s published widely so indeed, all the cool kids are doing it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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