bonus breakfast lust

Today, a beery post was planned for publication. Alas, technology and that silly real life thing got in the way. Have a bonus breakfast post instead?

I was thrilled when I read on …it pleases us that there was a joint called The Breakfast Club that wasn’t too far from where I lived, in the oh so trendy Northcote. Quite some time ago, I forced myself out of bed at a ‘regular person’ hour and paid a visit.

I love it when bunnies tell you what’s special. I was so tempted by the rice porridge special on the board but needed a savoury fix badly.


I also love it when teapots come in cosies.

cosy tea

I ordered ‘Tones creamy baked eggs’. Baked and creamy as promised and surprise savoury goodness – you never knew what you’d get in each mouthful, yum. There were all sorts of savoury things in there!

baked whatsit

T ordered ‘Something fishy for Marce’ – beautiful tomato and sardine toast. Even now, looking at the photo, it looks so fresh that you could reach through the screen and just grab it to eat!

sardines on toast on a plate

Let’s not forget the side of Mexican beans! I suspect these were just baked beans out of a tin with the addition of chilli or tabasco and other such things…

mehico beans

I vowed to return: there was a toastie called ‘the Ringwald’ that had my name on it. I decided to drop in this week alone months after my first visit to catch up on some reading. Gush!

Actually, I read the article before on Obama: I merely stared goggle-eyed at the photo of Gaiman (hey, most of you would do the same!).

Oh yes, breakfast! The Ringwald – melted brie, quince paste, basil and cracked pepper.

the Ringwald

Wait…that’s it? Where’s the basil…? *pout*

The lovely new waitress came over and apologised profusely, explaining she was new and forgot to add basil. She handed me a small bowl and a pepper grinder to add.

That’s better!

the Ringwald properly adorned

Alas, it should have had more brie and less quince. I’ll probably stick to their fantastic baked eggs selection in the future.

I also had a pot of soy chai and got to see another tea cosy in action.

yet another tea cosy

The cafe is dotted with all sorts of cool retro knick-knacks. I especially loved this salt and pepper duo, straight out of the 70s.

salt 'n' peppa

The Breakfast Club is a little out of the way on St Georges Rd rather than on High St but that makes it quieter. A good thing as it’s teensy! The service is lovely and it’s a fab breakfast and brunch spot. Just make sure you bring cash as they don’t take plastic. I’m also really keen to try out their restaurant next door, creatively called Next Door Diner.

Oh Northcote, so not hungover. Well, not this time (yea craft beer!).

The Breakfast Club on Urbanspoon

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10 thoughts on “bonus breakfast lust

  1. James

    A very welcome bonus breakfast post indeed! We’re looking for new awesome breakfast spots, just like this. So we’ll add to the “must do” on our list of breakfast options.

    How does it go for price?

    Any place that adds a touch of Mexican to their breakfast menu is a winner for us.

    PS – As always…great post and awesome photos!

    1. Gem

      Thanks as always to T-dawg for the photos 🙂

      For baked eggs you’re looking about the $15 mark and toasties less than $10. Beautiful tea, freshly squeezed orange juice (bottled, delivered daily) and good coffee (Coffee Supreme).

      If you go, let me know what you think!

  2. Hannah

    This post is making me seriously question my sanity, because I never go out for breakfast/brunch. Sardines on toast and quince + brie? Ohhhhhh…… 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Oh how gorgeous! I love tea cosies on my teapots! 🙂 Those baked eggs just look tantalizing! Will have to make the trip up there sometime…do you know if they serve breakfast for lunch? 😉

  4. Megan

    That does look pretty tasty, but mostly I’m just smitten with the bunny and the tea-cosies. I’m a bit weird like that. 🙂

    Back in Australia I’ve seen Mexican baked beans on supermarket shelves… in fact, I’m pretty sure my housemate used to get into them. You should purchase a can for the sake of comparison, to see if your beans were indeed from a tin!

    1. gem Post author

      I’m a bit of a sucker for tea cosies, which can also be found at Fandango in North Melbourne. It’s kind of cool going back to the same place and wondering…what cosy will I get today?


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