15 inches of meaty sex

Okay, okay, I might have come up with the post title for titillation. To be honest, the pizza wasn’t all that meaty either. I am deceitful in my artistic licence. But, it definitely was sexy and indeed fifteen inches.

I wrote before about my quest for a gourmet pizza from a chain that’s graced Melbourne. A few nights ago, after returning from the seaside, the quest was successful!

Crust Pizza’s menu is impressive. They have very few ‘standard’ pizzas, and the rest are out-of-the-ordinary creations. Of course I had my heart on a fancy-pants one, and fancy-pants one I got.

The one I settled on was the ‘White Prosciutto’ one, which apparently has won some sort of ‘Best Use of Cheese Award’. It’s a rectangular ‘uppercrust’ one gently coated in white bechamel, then carefully topped with thinly sliced potatoes and prosciutto that goes all crisp from being cooked. It smells delicious because it also has rosemary sprinkled atop it.

Crust Pizza's 'white prosciutto' pizza

The surprise is naturally in the eating – every now and then you bite into it and are greeted with hidden amounts of gorgonzola that are just divine – not too much, and definitely not enough to make the pizza (or you!) smelly. It’s also quite thin, so those of you who like your thick bases might need to be mindful. I personally love the thin base as I don’t have to worry about everything toppling off and making a damned mess! It’s also a good size for sharing if your appetite isn’t ravenous.

I was sceptical about potatoes on a pizza, but am now a convert. Definitely can’t wait to try more on the Crust menu. Especially the cheese pizza, the calzones, the philly steak pizza… yeah, you get the idea.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

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