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the end of the blog

It isn’t that not much has been going on but rather, there’s been a distinct lack of ways to marry alcohol and gustatory narratives into something remotely consumable to the current hyperlocal  readership. That and a couple of books have been doing my head in – Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Paul Muldoon’s The End of the Poem.

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bright yum things

Tech wrestling, sigh. It can break the smartest of folks. Not unusually, I was feeling pretty stupid about a recent ‘save your damn draft’ cage match on another blogging platform. It left me wanting for merriment and good cheer. That led to thoughts of (DROWN YOUR SORROWS IN) alcohol – specifically, beer – but I didn’t actually do so. Some grown-up characteristic decided to exercise its right to self-care. Bet my endocrine system was rejoicing over that one.

The next best thing seemed to be flipping through copies and reviews of drink-themed zines. This was during International Zine Month (July) where I was busily reading, writing and just admiring anything and everything ‘zine’ (being a non-maker). Oh yeah, didn’t I once write about a few beer and food-obsession/curation zines? Eons ago? Indeed!

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