Tweet last updated Tue 11 Feb 2020 antiTHESIS – ‘Hoax‘ – ‘Apr├Ęs Sir Thomas Wyatt’ (poetry/short story hybrid; the short story is in the annotations) Archer – issue #11 ‘Gaze’ – dating and invisible illnesses (Dec 2018) The Big Issue – Growing Up Queer in Australia (ed. Benjamin Law) book review (Sept 2019) Djed Press – […]

Compass Points – Parramatta Road snippet

Tweet This ‘Parramatta Road’ snippet will eventually be integrated into the bigger beast that is Compass Points. For ‘Twine Hang’ with Imogen Baker, myself (Gemma Mahadeo) & Tegan Elizabeth Webb, for Freeplay 2019 Because I used Sugarcube 2.28.2 for Parramatta Road, and Harlowe 2.1 when I started Compass Points (which is still a work-in-progress by […]