2018 sip-zine review index

(updated Sun 9 Aug 2018)

list by week: (bold = non-alcoholic drink options)

    1. Concrete Queers #5 / Madame Flavour rooibos mint and choc tea
    2. Top Secret Burger & Space Out by Linkraptor / Sailors’ Grave Brewing ‘Down She Gose
    3. Tenderness (curated by Clara Bradley) / T2 French Earl Grey loose leaf tea
    4. Rabbit Journal 21 ‘Indigenous’ / Stomping Ground ‘Pridelweiss’
    5. White Whine by Sarah Firth / Higher Living white tea with elderflower and apricot
    6. Every Morning by Mel Stringer; a list of (some) things that trigger my PTSD by Nope Club 2016 / Nutra Organics beetroot latte mix
    7. A Sharp Knife #6 / Oxfam fair trade hot chocolate mix sweetened with maple syrup
    8. oh well by Giselle Nguyen / (not 8 Wired ‘Cucumber Hippy Berliner)
    9. Hook Up #1 by Anthony Nocera / Bright Chocolate cacao husk tea
    10. the adventures of Ruby & Mags II by Lilly Piri / Jenier grenadine vanilla black tea
    11. what is a fruit? what is a vegetable? by Sandy in NSW / Old Wives’ Ales ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ NE IPA
    12. UNCEDED by various creators / Red Duck Beer ‘Make Like A Gooseberry’
    13. ‘Girl: poems on childhood & Eulogy (photo-essay)’ by Rachael Wenona Guy / Magic Rock Brewing ‘Salty Kiss’
    14. Writing on the Wall by Anne M Carson / Jenier lemon ginger black tea
    15. Paper & Ink 12 by various creatives / Two Birds Brewing stout
    16. WIDGET by various creatives / Bridge Road Brewing ‘Magical Christmas Unicorn’
    17. I <3 Food Network by Holly Casio / Hop Nation Brewing ‘Market’ NEIPA
    18. Backyard 1 by Backyard SK Collective / Kaiju ‘Krush’
    19. The Coelacanth Journal 4 by various contributors / Dainton Brewing cherrywood smoked rye Baltic porter
    20. TICK TOCK by Zoe Meagher & Eddie Edmends / Henry Langdon vanilla chai latte
    21. The Suburban Review (ed. Anupama Pilbrow) / Woolworths English breakfast tea (and Sailors Grave Brewing coffee breakfast stout) – which does also have an alcoholic beverage, so it’s hotlinked here (h/t Patreon supporters!)
    22. Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘Eldritch Erotica’ / T2 crème brûlée black tea (thanks to another Patreon supporter <3)
    23. Cuntalope zine #1 (various) / Sobah Beverages’ lemon aspen pilsner (thanks to Patreon supporters!)
    24. Pizza Echoes zine & Red Duck Beer’s ‘Sexy Thing’ chocolate & chilli dark ale (yea Patreon)
    25. coming soon thanks to a new Patreon supporter!
    26. coming in late Sep thanks to a new Patreon supporter!
    27. goooo ooooon, doooo eeeeet
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    29. pretty please?
    30. asking again…
    31. testing, one, two, one, two…
    32. still pimpin’ the Patreon…
    33. promise will have more time to write in Oct!
    34. Sept’s been kind of busy…
    35. I’m not exhausted, you’re exhausted…?
    36. sorry, I’ll stop now.

I’ll eventually have everything listed by drink (booze/not-booze), and by zine too! with clickable links, thanks for your patience <3